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We used Becky to plan a vacation this year and she was amazing! It was our first time using a travel agent, so we were new to the whole process. She handled everything, and always kept us in the loop about any changes to our itinerary. We had tons of questions and she took the time to answer them all and was always very responsive. We had an amazing time, and she made it so easy! We will DEFINITELY be using Becky for all future travels – she’s the best!

Torin & Sara Palmer

Becky was the best to work with when planning our Disney Cruise. She helped us find the best deal. It was cheaper then we ever thought a Disney Cruise would be. The Disney Cruise was worth every dollar. It is a trip our family talks about and misses every day. And now we know we will call Becky for our next vacation.

S. da Silva

Becky is an amazing travel agent. She helped us book a cruise to Mexico, and it was truly the best trip of our lives. She got everything all worked out and was always available for answering questions to make everything run smoothly. She was so helpful. We will be booking with her for every trip from now on in the future. I can’t wait to book with her again soon! 

Jessica and Tanner Wible

Becky was very professional to work with. She helped us book a cruise to Mexico. She was great at answering our questions and following up with any concerns we had. We highly recommend working with her. She helped us plan a wonderful trip.

Megan and Justin Cullimore

Becky was so helpful in planning our trip, taking a lot of the stress off my shoulders. She was very responsive and got things done quickly. She gave us multiple hotel options that we could choose from and got our flights arranged for times that worked perfectly. She was so patient when I changed up our destination, and when I had a million questions. We had never traveled internationally before and she made it so easy! I highly recommend her services! Travel has never been so easy and enjoyable!

K. Twitchell

Becky is hands down THE BEST travel agent!! She explained to me that using her to plan your trips comes at no extra cost to you… so I don’t know why everyone doesn’t use a travel agent. She has planned multiple trips for me and it’s been such a lifesaver. I’m leaving for a trip to Disneyland today that was planned by Becky. She has sent me a PDF including everything I might want to know about my Disney trip and has taken care of all the hassle so that my family can just enjoy the trip. She found and booked us a wonderful VRBO, set up Disneyland tickets for us, and booked restaurant reservations. She has taken many classes, been on many trips, and toured different possible options so that she can get you the best possible vacation at the best price. She is extremely qualified, personable, hardworking, and honest. I simply cannot say enough about Becky. She is the best! 

Faith Nielsen

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